Fitness Classes

$5 Drop-In Fee for Non-Members.
Fitness Punch Cards are available.
5 Visits @ $25.00 | 10 Visits @ $45.00

Personal Training

We offer a number of personal training packages to help you reach  your goals. Our professional, experienced staff is here to help.



Ballet Bootcamp
This Circuit training class will get your heart racing and metabolism fired up with a combination of weights and high intensity interval. You will lunge, kick, jab, and plie your way to a better body. 

This class is designed to get you into your best shape. Combining activities of agilities, resistance training, push-ups, speed drills, core strength, and endurance challenges. 

Butts & Guts
This 30 min. class is designed to target the glutes and abs through a unique blend of exercises! 

This upbeat, low impact, high energy class will have you moving and grooving to the beat of the music. You will chal-lenge your cardiovascular system and engage your mind with this calorie burning class. 

Early Bird Circuit / Noon Circuit & Core
This class combines strength and conditioning exercises in a circuit and /or interval format. You will increase your muscular strength and endurance using weight machines, free weights, and body bars. 

Sculpt & Conditioning
A strength training program designed for that lunch crowd with limited time who want maximum results. Using a variety of exercise equipment (weights, bands, stability balls, and more) ensures gains in strength, flexibility, and cardio-vascular health. 

Senior Fit
Develop and maintain a physically independent lifestyle and enhance your ability to perform activities of daily living by building sufficient muscular and cardio fitness. Class includes low impact aerobics, weight-bearing and lower body exercises and abdominal work. Geared to the “above 39” age group. 

Total Body Fitness
In this class you will be exposed to cardio intervals, free weights, floor drills, and core strengthening. This class will guarantee you a calorie burn. 

This class will introduce you to interval training. Each move is 20 seconds long, with 10 second break. This is a great cardio and sculpting workout. 

A progressive flow of Asanas poses, derived from Hatha Yoga. Yoga is designed to increase strength, flexibility and bal-ance of the entire body while focusing on breathing and mindful movement.